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Brief Summary Report
[Brief Summary Appraisal Report]
In this service we will submit our value opinion in a Form/Brief-Narrative Appraisal Report.
We recommend this type of service to clients who are familiar with the current market in Japan.
(Documentation Requirements)
Please prepare following documents.
(e.g. Office Building)
1. Documents to identify the subject property. (copy)
2. Property tax notice. (copy)
3. Building drawings. (copy)
4. Confirmation of construction of the building. (copy)
5. Lease agreements (copy)
6. Long-term repair schedule, or Engineering Report. (copy)
7. Purchase contract. (copy)
8. Other data & documents (copy)
-- Any additional data, if needed.
[Examination of new condominium prices]
This service is for a financial institution which offers housing mortgages in concert with a developer of a newly built condominium.
We will examine the listing prices of new condominium units for collateral assessment, so that the financial institutions can quickly answer for the loan applications.
Usually, their prices are appropriate level.
But sometimes, sellers intentionally offer high-price-list externally, and discount them internally.
Or, since sometimes prices are a little high, so sale do not proceed smoothly, sellers have to lower the prices after the start of the sale.
In these cases, banks tend to lend excess money.
(Documentation Requirements)
Please prepare following documents.
1. Pamphlet and price list of the condominium.
2. Data of the "start date of the sale" and the "present number of unsold units".
3. In case the developer sold the condominium to another developer,
(bankruptcy, etc.):
Copy of the land registry book, and copy of the contract between developers.
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